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Perhaps in the end, all we ever wanted was something to come home to. Something steadfast, permanent, consistent, dependable, whatever the word may be.

…And perhaps in the end, we come to realize: home is within. Ourselves.


Bar Refaeli: To love and to lose

To love and to lose is something every human should experience, if for no other reason than to realize how fragile a heart really is, and to understand how badly they are capable of injuring someone else. I’m a big believer in the phrase “everything happens for a reason.”

Although the original post focused mainly on romantic relationships, but I think this applies to all conflicts in general.I have always found conflict as a good thing, although of course there are the occasional casualties as a result. But the good thing about conflict is that they require conflict resolutions, an effort to :

1. ACKNOWLEDGE differences
2. Understand why there are such differences, and what impacts it brings to all the parties involved (any losses, negative feelings, disadvantages)
3. Find a way to reduce negative impacts of these differences, and not necessarily by eliminating the differences altogether. Although it’s not rare that one or all the parties involved may compromise to minimise differences in someday.

Conflict resolution; when done with good intentions, an open mind and mutual respect for all parties involved; is actually beneficial. It allows us to reflect upon ourselves, and gain empathy for others. It enriches the soul. And it allows us to connect with others.However, when you start with the intention of getting your way, well that’s not exactly conflict resolution. That’s a 5 year old throwing a tantrum, believing it’s his way or the highway. Looking at the current conflicts in Indonesia, I’m beginning to think… Maybe we were all stuck in the psychological age of a 5 year old?

Last night I thought I saw a sunset more beautiful than this. With rainbows, salmon colored clouds and musical notes flying in the air. Perhaps the illusion was that you were there.